Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dollar Deals at Digital Scrap Ink - TODAY ONLY!!!

If you haven't had a chance yet to head on over to Digital Scrap Ink, I highly recommend that you go! The Dollar Day has started and is for today only (August 1st)! There are about 30 products to choose from that are all on sale for a teeny tiny little dollar each! If you haven't already grabbed my Fun Park kit, you can also pick that up for $1. I also have a couple of CU Sunburst Overlay packs for $1 as well. Just click on the Dollar Deals category to view all of the bargains (or you can go there directly by clicking HERE. To add to this, the August collab kit is out which you can buy for $5.99 OR get it FREE by spending $2 or more in the store! BARGAIN!

Now that that is out of the way... I FINALLY finished my layout for the BOTCT and I am not entirely happy with it but, well, too bad. :) After finishing it, I created a nicer version that didn't care so much about the formula and I like that one a lot more. They are both displayed below. Click on the images to see the larger version (and credits) in the appropriate gallery.

This layout follows our team "formula" as follows. Feel free to search for each of the items in the layout :)

The 'Brownie' Recipe:
10 - Buttons
9 - Staples
8 - Stitches
7 - Strings
6 - Photos
5 - Unique Papers
4 - Journal Strips
3 - Flowers
2 - Fonts
1 - Word Art

And this layout only uses the one kit and is much nicer (in my opinion).

Regarding the Designer Survivor, I have "met" my team (and we are going to be AWESOME together BTW), and have snooped around and found that the first challenge will be at Enchanted Studios Scraps... so I keep checking there every 5 minutes but it still hasn't been posted... I guess they will be posting it at a regular morning time rather than an after-midnight morning time :) I just can't wait to find out what is in store for us! It looks like there are currently 9 teams of 3 (except that the team I'm in has 4! Bonus!!!) and a whole team will be voted off in the first week. Like the show, it's all a bit secret and undisclosed of how the rest of the contest will work (except that the overall winner is chosen by everyone who was voted off) so we'll just have to get through the first round and see how we go from there!

Well, I'm off to keep refreshing the Enchanted Studios Scraps forum... I may be there a while since I think it is something like 3am there at the moment so I doubt the challenge will be posted for at least 3 or 4 hours... Hmmm... I think I am a bit obsessed (and nervous)....


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  1. cute LO - I agree with you, the second is nicer.
    I've seen the Survivor thread at ESS - good luck!

    ~ Becky