Saturday, August 29, 2009

Designer Survivor - Update

Unfortunately, I was eliminated this week. Waaaaaa!!!! Towards the end of the week when I had barely started my kit and was unsure about whether I could finish it in time, I was questioning whether I should just drop out of the comp or work like crazy to get it finished in time. I had a funny feeling I would be eliminated but thought that I would hate to forfeit when I had a chance of staying in the game. So, I worked day and night for 2 days straight (totally neglecting my daughter, sleep and my husband's birthday) and I think the kit came out pretty nicely. In hindsight, though, I probably should have made it a bit crappier so that I wasn't seen as a "threat" :)

Oh well... the good news is that my little sister is finally having her baby. Her waters broke late last night and she was admitted to hospital in the wee hours of the morning. A few hours ago she was about 3cm dilated with solid contractions at about 5 mins apart, so hopefully won't be too many hours left. It is amazing how my (repressed) memories of my daughter's birth came flooding back when I heard about her labour. My sister is also having "back labour" which is what I had and ABSOLUTELY hated! Of course, I have no idea what "front labour" feels like, but constant intense back pain with increased intensity with each contraction along with zapping down both arms and legs was not so pleasant... As much as I would love another baby, I definitely don't envy her right now.

It's actually a good thing I was eliminated this week because I still haven't created the kit for my sister's birth announcement (nor the actual announcement) and since he is arriving as I type, I probably should get on to that! :)

Take care and I'll keep you posted about my sister and see if I can put some more freebies together soon.


  1. I'm surprised that you didn't get through to the next round. I thought you did really great work! I hope everything goes well with your sister and her baby!

  2. Wow, your kit was one of my favorites that was posted. It's a shame to see you not go on since I enjoy your kits so much - but it's a good thing with your sister having her child!! =o)

  3. Gab, I am so sorry to hear about your elimination from survivor, but everything happens for a reason, not sure the exact reason yet? BTW your kit is just awesome.