Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm hosting the May Addicts and Daily Downloads at Brownie Scraps

Hey there! I would firstly like to apologise for neglecting my blogging duties. There has been so much going on lately that I really should be telling you all about, but I figured that I should back track a little... then it was all just a little too much information to try and catch up on. So instead, I decided to just start with right now. With all of the craziness surrounding NSD, I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that I will be hosting the Brownie Addicts club in May and also providing the May Mega kit and Brownie Bytes (freebie daily download that forms a full-size kit that co-ordinates with the May Mega kit).

If you are not familiar with the Brownie Addicts Club, here's a bit of info... The Brownie Addicts club is perfect for anyone addicted to digital scrapbooking. If you purchase your membership before May 1st, you get it at a bargain price of just $6!!! During May, you can still grab a membership at any time for $9 (which is still a great deal!). Included in your purchase is a lovely mini kit (Simple Pleasures) for you to enjoy right away. From May 1st, you will then have access to an exclusive area of the Brownie Scraps forum where you will be given links or coupons to download another full size kit, the May Mega Kit, the May Mega add-on (instead of having to wait to download the daily Bytes), coupons from all of the designers at Brownie Scraps, exclusive competitions, lots of chatting, QP & brag book exchanges and lots of freebies! It is so much fun and a great bargain too :) For further information or to purchase your membership, click HERE.

I also have a little sneak peek of one of the elements that you will be getting as part of the Bytes daily download (or free kit with the Addicts membership)... I guess it kind of gives away the theme :)

It whole kit is absolutely adorable so I don't want you to miss a single Byte of it, so be sure to check out the Brownie Scraps forum to grab the first byte amongst all of the madness of NSD!!!

Which reminds me, Happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day everyone! :)

Over at Brownie Scraps we have had a bunch of $2 deals that changed each day then, on Saturday, we are having a storewide 35% off sale! And, for bothering to read all the way to the end of this post, I have a little treat for you... I was going to give you a freebie that co-ordinated with one of the many kits that you can get as part of the Addicts (or the daily download Bytes), but instead figured that you might prefer some shopping pleasure. So, in celebration of NSD, I have a coupon for you for an additional 25% off the already reduced prices of all of my stuff! Woo Hoo!!! So that's a minimum of 35% off then an additional 25% off giving you a minimum saving of at least 51%!!! BARGAIN!