Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Hippo - S4H/S4O Kit Freebie!!!

When my daughter was a newborn, it seemed like she was constantly hungry (and I was constantly feeding) so we affectionately referred to her as our "hungry, hungry hippo" and bought her a variety of toys and outfits with hippos on them.

For this week's kit I had a lot of trouble coming up with a "baby girl" themed kit using such bright colours. After 4 days of thinking time, I stumbled across one of my 14 month old daughter's toys, and my theme was instantly decided! The toy was a green stuffed hippo with a pink and yellow flower stitched onto his behind. The colours were almost exactly what I was looking for and the story behind the toy linked it to the "Baby Girl" theme, so "Happy the Hippy Hippo" became the inspiration for my kit!

"Happy Hippo" by Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
5x solid papers
9x patterned papers
2x frames
2x paper clips
2x safety pins
3x ribbons
1x ric rac
1x string
1x string cluster
1x felt hippo
7x felt flowers
3x flower clusters
4x tags
2x buttons
1x straight stitches
1x stitched hippo
1x stitched flower
2x wordart

Download "Happy Hippo":
* Papers (56.2Mb)
* Elements (25.7Mb)

Download via the Unbaked Brownie Mix Challenge at Brownie Scraps (free registration required)

There are currently about 20 or so designers in this challenge, so you can also grab their mini-kits for free HERE!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Want a Customized Free Add-on?

How would you like to receive a free add-on for any of my previously posted mini-kits that is customized to include whatever you would like? Well, read on...

Brownie Scraps is having a bake sale tomorrow and they want to get the word out so have asked people to blog about it. Anyone who makes a purchase at Brownie Scraps (either during the sale or otherwise) is asked to leave my blog name (Snuggle Berry Pie) in the comments field and I will receive a coupon to the store. That's great for me, but doesn't seem fair to you, so I have an added bonus in that anyone who makes a purchase at Brownie Scraps and leaves my blog name in the comments field, will get to request a free add-on to one of my mini-kits. Do you love the Baby Dino kit but wish it had a triceratops? Well, that can be done! Or, perhaps it could do with a bigger journal tab - Done! Or maybe you would just like a quick page using the kit - DONE! You get the picture.

So, head on over to Brownie Scraps where you can pick up some MAJOR bargains on absolutely top quality products! Almost everything there is 25-35% off for today/tomorrow only (Thursday 23rd April) including CU items! Even their "Dollar Goodies" are reduced where you can normally pick up a kit for $1 are now a ridiculous $0.65!!! This even includes my all-time FAVORITE kit called "Funner With Flowers" FOR ONLY SIXTY-FIVE CENTS!?!?!?!? ARGH!!! I've gotta go... so many things to buy :)

I've also got a freebie for you for taking the time to visit my blog. It's a brag book/photo sized quick page using the Baby Dino freebie kit. If you haven't already grabbed the Baby Dino kit, you can find the links in a previous post.

Download HERE

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brownie Scraps Layout Challenge - Win $5 to the store

All you need to do is:
1. Ensure you are registered to access Brownie Scraps here (free and very simple registration)
2. Pick up one or more free kits here.
3. Create a layout using one of the free kits (feel free to create many layouts but each layout must only use a single kit).
4. Post your layout to the 'Sprinkles On Top' challenge gallery.
5. Post a link to the layout in the 'Week 3 LO Contest Entries' thread.

Brownie Scraps is also having it's first Brownie Scraps Awards Show coinciding with the National Scrapbook Day (weekend) celebrations where layouts submitted to the site (no specific gallery required) over the next week and a half will be judged by the CT in the following categories:

For more information on this, check out this thread. For more information on the celebrations that will be happening for National Scrapbook Day, check out this thread.

So, go and enjoy! I LOVE it over at Brownie Scraps!!! Oh, yeah, and don't forget to grab my latest kit (see previous post).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Familiar Faces - S4H/S4O Kit Freebie!!!

I decided to create something a little bit different this week! This kit contains a bunch of headless bodies of various family members so you can add your own photos and create a funny family portrait! For those of you who are not so keen on extracting photos, I have also included an optional head frame on each of the bodies.

6x solid papers
4x patterned papers
13x family members (headless)
13x family members with head frames
2x borders
5x buttons
1x button stitch
2x frames
5x tags
3x wordart (1 recoloured)

Download "Familiar Faces" here:
*** link removed (details below) *** (57Mb)

After re-reading the details of the challenge at Brownie Scraps (for which I have been creating these weekly kits), I have discovered that I am meant to be forwarding any traffic to the forum at Brownie Scraps to download the kits rather than giving the link directly to download my kit. Because of this, please head on over to Brownie Scraps, register to the forum and download this kit and about 30 others. If you get in quick, you can also grab the kits from last week as well (about another 33 kits)!!

Links here:
* Go directly to my kit, 'Familiar Faces' (registration required)
* See all of the kits at Brownie Scraps (registration required)

I am really happy with how this kit has turned out (keeping in mind that it is only my 3rd kit ever), and I found it really hard to stop creating more and more elements!!! I may just have to put together an add-on in the future with some of the extra elements :)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Dino - Updated Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you have already downloaded the "Baby Dino" digital scrapbook kit, I have an updated Tyrannosaurus Rex for you. I wasn't happy with the original TRex because I kept thinking it looked more like a kangaroo than a TRex so I fixed it :)

I also noticed that the landscape frame was badly extracted and both the frames had a drop shadow. In addition to this, I also realised that the tag was far too small to be of any use at all! I apologise immensely for my lack of QA prior to the kit being uploaded, and I promise it won't happen again . If you would like the new and improved TRex (as seen in the above preview), along with the updated frames and tag, you can download them here:
* Updates (5Mb)

If you are looking to download the complete "Baby Dino" digital scrapbook kit, the links are on the previous post.

I'll be back next week with a new freebie kit :)

Baby Dino - S4H/S4O Kit Freebie!!!

Another day and another free kit to give away! For this week's designer challenge, we were given the choice of two palettes and instructed to try and focus on the elements for the kit. I chose the palette with the cute (and baby-boyish) blues and greens which was perfect for creating a baby dinosaur kit!

This kit contains 14 papers, 20 elements and an uppercase alpha (with a few punctuation marks such as " , ! . &").

Download Here:

I wasn't happy with the original TRex, so I made him a little better (so he no longer looks like a kangaroo!). You can download the new TRex HERE.

If you download this kit, don't forget to leave a message and let me know the link to any layouts in your gallery because I would love to see how it has been used.

Come back again next week for a new free kit :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

You're Still The One - S4H/S4O Kit Freebie!!!

I am currently taking part in the Unbaked Brownie Mix Challenge over at Brownie Scraps. This means that I will be creating a new kit each week for the next 6 weeks. The good news for you is that I will be giving away each of these kits for free!!

This week's challenge was to create a kit based on one of four provided palettes. I decided to use the palette with the most colour which resulted in the following kit:

To help you to see what can be done with this kit, here is an example layout that I put together.

If anyone is interested, I can turn the above layout into a Quick Page for you. Just post a comment on this blog requesting the QP and I will create and upload the QP and post a link in this blog.

So, here is the important part of the post where you get to actually download stuff :)

"You're Still The One" kit by Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
* Papers (51Mb)
* Elements (31Mb)

Enjoy and please leave me a message if you download it. Thanks :)

The other great news is that 65 people signed up for this challenge, so assuming that everyone creates a kit this week, you should be able to download up to 65 kits for free!!! Check out the
Unbaked Brownie Mix Forum from Sunday night for links to all of the free kits.

Happy scrapping and I will be back next week with a new kit :)