Friday, August 21, 2009

Designer Survivor - In Your Eyes - Kit Freebie!

Thanks so much for all of your votes. Unfortunately, we didn't win immunity so I will be fighting along with 11 other contestants for one of the remaining 6 positions in next weeks challenge. *fingers crossed*

This week's challenge was to create an "Emotional" kit. Each member of the team had to select an emotion and a single colour that they associate with that emotion and create a mini-kit consisting of 8 papers and 12-15 elements using only that single colour (in various shades). No other colours were allowed (including the neutrals like black, white and brown) but you were allowed to add a little bit of metal if needed. Each mini-kit then had to be able to combine together as a team to make a single kit with a common theme.

My team decided to create soft, beautiful and magical sort of kits describing the emotions we experience when we look into our loved ones' eyes. Jewel of Mad Genius Designs chose blue for the deep love she feels when she looks into her son's blue eyes. Wendy from Busy Mama Designs chose orange to reflect the cheerfulness her family felt after a recent very successful surprise party. Amanda from Amagination chose purple for the passion she feels when she gazes into her husband’s eyes. I chose pink to portray the wonder with which my daughter sees the world.

Here is my part:

For more details and to download all four parts, click HERE. Note: links will be removed after Tribal Council on Friday. After that, my part will be going in my stores for $2 (well, 68c with the 66% off sale until the end of August).


ETA: Although the mini kit is already in my stores, for ONE DAY ONLY I will be offering it here for free. If you like the mini kit, make sure you grab the free brag book mini album in my next post and don't forget to vote for Snuggle Berry Pie Designs to win immunity from elimination this week which can be done HERE.

In Your Eyes - Wonder

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  1. This is gorgeous!!! You're doing an amazing job - I hope you get thru to the next round.

  2. beautiful!!! thank you for offering and GOOD LUCK!! (I voted! :-) )

  3. Thanks Chris... well, assuming that your vote was for me that is ;)