Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry and Bright - Brag Book and Quick Page Freebies!!!

I've had a QP waiting to be posted for over a fortnight now and I just keep forgetting to post it! Tonight I also created a Christmas Card/Brag Book page (as part of the 'Festival of Lights' activities over at Brownie Scraps) so I decided that I really should post it before going to bed or else you may never see it :)

So, here they are... They have both been made using my 'Merry & Bright' kit which can be found here. Click on the preview images to download each page.

Here is an example of what can be done with the page:

Here is the Quick Page that I created a few weeks ago. It's rather amusing that the brag book page I created tonight is so similar to this page. I guess I must really like the glittery holly and striped papers! Oh well, I guess it just means that your QP and brag book page will match beautifully :) Once again, click on the preview to download the quick page.

Here is an example of what can be done with the quick page:


Monday, December 7, 2009

Toadally Cute... and a Freebie!!!

In all of the excitement, I forgot to let you know about my latest (and DEFINITELY favourite!) kit called 'Toadally Cute'.

I love the colours, I love the frogs and I especially LOVE what my incredibly talented CT has done with it!

This awesome layout was created by Michelle:

Sara (who just so happens to be obsessed with frogs), has even gone 'Toadally' crazy! As soon as she got the kit, she created a new siggy and avatar for herself and then proceeded to make me a new fan blinkie, CT blinkie and BANNER!!! How cute are they???

(Note: check out the side panel of this blog for how to snag the blinkie for a chance to get the kit for free every time I release a new kit)

Sara then proceeded to update her blog layout and it looks absolutely fantastic!!! Check it out HERE! Whilst you are there, be sure to grab all of the freebies there such as these below:

She even made a co-ordinating alpha to the Toadally Cute kit:

So now that you have grabbed all of these awesome freebies, snagged the blinkie so that you are in with a chance on winning future releases for free and grabbed 'Toadally Cute' whilst my store is on sale... it's time for an add-on alpha freebie :) The alpha that comes with the kit is adorable but would be even better to have a lowercase version without the ripples (for easier use) so... here it is!!

* Toadally Cute - Bonus Lowercase Alpha (4.6Mb)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving In Sale!!!

Well, it is now official so I am soooo excited to inform you that I am the newest Brownie Baker at Brownie Scraps!!! This is actually a dream come true for me because I LOVE the site and practically live there so to have been chosen as an exclusive Designer there is such a great honour! Ok, I admit it... I cried when they informed me that they wanted ME to join their "family". :)

Unfortunately, I was out of action for part of my "break" (due to some back problems) so I am running a little behind schedule on filling my store. Because of this, my few products in there are looking a little sad and lonely but I can assure you that they won't be lonely for long :) Check back again soon and there should be some more items to satisfy your digital scrapbooking (or designing) hunger but don't forget to grab the 'Merry & Bright' kit whilst you can take advantage of the sale AND the coupon!! If you haven't already seen the 'Merry & Bright' kit, the preview is below (click on the image to view in the store).

Here is a sweet little freebie alpha for you that co-ordinates with the 'Merry & Bright' kit.

* Merry & Bright - Alpha Freebie (13Mb)