Monday, July 6, 2009

TNBT Designer Competition - Results...

Well! Who would've thought it but somehow I managed to make it through the competition and actually won a place as a designer at Digital Scrap Ink!!!

The details are yet to be discussed but I will keep you posted :) Meanwhile, I will be getting stuck into adding heaps to the kits from the designer challenge (I've already added a really cute bubble alpha to the "A Little Bit Fishy" kit) and making a baby girl version of the "Just Plane Cute" kit, and working out some great opening specials and competitions! Yippee!!!

Thanks heaps for your support! Let me know if you have any suggestions on things to add to any of my current freebie kits (as they will all be getting an overhaul before being added to the stores) or other ways to improve them.



  1. Psh, I knew you would win!! you are flipping amazing!!! I love your kits.. and I sometimes feel as if you are designing for me.. making a girl version of just plane cute and all. lol..

    You know a female version of the baby dino kit would be awesome, but I'm a crazy addict.. lol. But in general, adding an alpha is always great - I know a TON of people who love alphas and tend to attempt ot make their own using a certain kit.. it's just easier to have that coordinating alpha and all.

  2. Aww thanks :) Regarding the girl versions of the kits, I was planning on making girl versions of both the Baby Dino & Just Plane Cute kits because I have a daughter and almost everyone I know has daughters and I am basically baby-girl-mad :) And I still haven't finished that raptor (sorry about that!) but that will be included as part of the re-vamp of the Baby Dino kit too. So... now I just have to actually DO it rather than say I will ;)
    Thanks again Sica, you are so sweet.

  3. Oh!! It's totally fine dear, you are so awesome sauce it isn't even funny. I don't mind waiting for the raptor - if you can even finish it, a cute raptor is just unheard of. lol. But I can't wait to see what you come up with for that girl dino kit. =x I'm super excited.

    Also, have you checked out this website: ??
    It's been getting pretty popular lately and you sign up for a week or so of being 'sponsered' where they basically say who you are and give links to your blog/store..etc but you have to give freebes away.. they can be anything you want.. I'd check it out as it would be more.. exposure for ya!! =o) [I seriously think you are one of my fav. designers ever. lol. shhhhh..]