Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Train - All About Me

Well, it's a new month and time for the next "Half-Baked Girls" blog train! The theme for this blog train is "All About Me" where you'll find all sorts of useful bits and pieces for scrapping about yourself. Because there are sooo many subcategories for this theme, we have decided to continue this theme over the next few months and keep the same colour scheme (with maybe adding a colour each month). I was unable to get my contribution finished in time (sorry about that) so have decided to put it in the next month's blog train. Just so you know what you are missing, and so you will come back next month :), the mini theme that I am working on is "15 minutes of fame" and I am rather happy with how it is turning out so far. I just ran out of time to complete it with the TNBT designer challenge and CT duties (oh, and real life) taking up all my time. BTW, I got through to the final round of TNBT Designer Challenge so keep an eye out in the next few days for my latest submission.

Anyway, if you came here from one of the other blogs on the train, sorry about that but I don't have a contribution this month. Here are the blogs that are taking part this month:

FlutterbyeFaery Designs -
Design by Sonja -
Mariposa Designs -
Mad Genius Designs -
JewelScraps -
Today's Scrap -



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