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©2009 Snuggle Berry Pie Designs

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NOTE: These terms only apply to products specifically
marked as CU or Commercial Use. Click HERE for the
S4H TOU details which should apply to all other products.

Terms of use - CU

All graphics and content within this product is copyright © 2009 Snuggle Berry Pie Designs (Gabrielle Juospaitis). All rights reserved.

By downloading these files, you acknowledge receipt of a license to use the designs for PERSONAL and LIMITED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY, but not the rights to the designs themselves.

As a user of this product, you are free to use, modify and publish images as you wish, subject to certain restrictions, as listed below. If you have any questions, please email me at snuggleberrypie@gmail.com or post a message on my blog.



1. You MAY use part or all of this product in your scrapbook layouts, cards, invitations and other crafts.

2. You MAY print any part of this product (if appropriate) and use it for traditional scrapbooking.

3. You MAY alter any of the designs by recolouring, resizing, or by adding or removing parts of the designs.

4. You MAY incorporate these graphics into your own original art work, provided you include credit to this product and the resulting art work abides by these terms.

5. You MAY post or submit scrapbook pages or other projects online or for publication using this product as long as you give credit to this product.

6. You MAY use the graphics in this product for personal/non-profit websites and blogs as well as commercial sites.

7. You MAY create scrapbook pages, cards and other crafts with these images and sell the completed projects for profit. Clients MUST receive a flattened image or printed product, and may NOT receive the individual components themselves. You MAY NOT resell any of the product content as scrapbooking products, clustered elements or any other commercial use other than in completed layouts or crafts.

8. You MAY create scrapbook kits, alphas or paper/element packs using this commercial use product. These kits may be sold or given away for free as long as they have been modified in some way from this original product. If giving away for free, please ensure that the product is modified in more ways than just a recolor (for example, add some texture, pattern, glitter, text or ribbon etc). Please also ensure that your kit (or package) contains papers/elements other than just items based on my CU products.

9. You MAY create Quick Pages and/or Blog Templates using this product and sell them or give them away for free on your blog, as long as credit is given to this product and a link to my blog is included. Please also ensure that they abide by the rest of the terms in this document.

If using this product in layouts, websites, crafts that you sell, templates or kits, please credit me somewhere such as your website credits page and/or TOU document if your product is downloadable.



1. You MAY NOT claim part or all of this product as your own.

2. You MAY NOT redistribute any part of this product in it's original format. The items are to be used to assist you in creating your own items for kits. In other words, make sure you recolor or modify each item before adding it to your kit.

3. You MAY NOT share this product with anyone else neither in a digital nor physical format. If someone else would like this product, please refer them to my store or blog.

4. You MAY NOT use any of this product to create tubes or brushes.

5. You MAY NOT use this product for anything illegal, immoral, harmful, pornographic or for anything that may be deemed offensive to another person.

6. You MAY NOT create other Commercial Use products based on my CU products. PU/S4H/S4O are all ok.

7. Your resulting product MAY NOT consist of more than 20% of items based on my CU products. Exceptions can be made if you email me with a valid request.


Limited Liability:
The content is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
Snuggle Berry Pie Designs shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages in connection with the use of the content.


Blog: http://snuggleberrypie.blogspot.com
Email: snuggleberrypie@gmail.com


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