Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's My Birthday!!! Let's Celebrate!!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

It's my birthday and I just turned 35 *gulp* so figured it was time to get the party started!!!

To help celebrate my birthday, I have 3 exciting offers:
1 - CT Call!
2 - Birthday Sale!
3 - Buy My Store!

CT Call

For further details, head over to this thread.

Birthday Sale

Click HERE to head over to the store and pick up some bargains!

Buy My Store

Click HERE for more information or to buy my store!

Hopefully there is something there for everyone :)



  1. Happy birthday, lovely!! I'm totally kicking myself for having JUST bought all your awesome actions. :)

  2. Just purchased your paper maker stash your products. Thanks for making designing so much easier. You save tons of time. Hugs, Andi at Hot pink pansy

  3. Thanks Andi!!! I'm rather fond of the Pattern Maker actions myself and use them ALL the time! I love how easy they are to use and especially love just using them to check and adjust my colour schemes before getting stuck into a kit. I'm getting a little tired of using the same 36 patterns, though, so I can see that I will be creating some more in the new future :) Thanks for your lovely comment (oh and for the Birthday wishes) :)

  4. oops... by "36" patterns, I meant 48 :) I was thinking there were 6 patterns in each Pattern Maker action but there are 8.