Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Spooks - Printable Lollipop Covers

Are you looking for a last minute and VERY simple way to make this Halloween extra special? How about some gorgeous lollipop covers? They'll be a hit with the 'Trick or Treat'ers and perfect as a favor or edible decoration at your Halloween party! You can even tell everyone that you made them yourself!

You can find them HERE in the store for just $1.40 for the pack of six lollipop covers! Such a bargain!!! And, better still, they are Scrap-For-Hire friendly so you can even decorate your lollipops and sell them at a fair, market or anywhere else you can think of!

If you'd like a sample lollipop cover to see if they will work with your lollipops, you can download the freebie from here.



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